What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis are non-invasive interventions that can achieve remarkable results in treating, ameliorating, and improving all kinds of health conditions, whether mental or physical.

To understand how Hypnotherapy works we need to look at our unconscious and conscious minds and see how they work for us. Your conscious mind is the one you use in decision making and working out problems. Your conscious mind keep you alert to dangers and threats when necessary and is generally the part of the brain we refer to when we talk about the “mind” in its everyday context.

Your unconscious mind is that part of your brain that holds memories and messages that have been sent to it over many years. The function of your unconscious mind is to keep you feeling “comfortable,” which is why you tend to repeat actions that have worked for you in the past.

The problems start when you want to change a certain behavior, or way of thinking, and your unconscious keep sending you the old messages. For example, you may have smoked cigarettes in the past, and unwittingly sent the message to your unconscious that this made you feel “better,” more relaxed, or more confident in social situations.

When you decide that you really want to quit smoking, your unconscious mind keeps sending you the messages that cigarettes make you feel good, because it doesn’t yet have a more powerful message to override this.


Re-Programming your Thoughts 

Hypnotherapy works by re-programming your thoughts during deep relaxation. When your mind and body are completely relaxed you are in what is known as a “trance state.” There is nothing to be alarmed at, however. You enter into brief trance states several times each day when you daydream for a few seconds. The Hypnotherapist uses only their voice to take you into trance, and you remain in full control during the entire process.

During this time of deep relaxation your Hypnotherapist continues to talk to your unconscious mind, making positive suggestions and sending it messages that will work to override the thoughts that you no longer want, and which are no longer serving you. Your mind is an incredibly powerful tool and when it has new material to work with the messages it sends to your conscious mind will be easily absorbed and acted upon in your waking, everyday life.

This is how Hypnotherapy works, and it is not uncommon to achieve immediate results after just one session! All that is required from you is that you do not call back the negative, unhelpful thoughts patterns that you want to change.


 The Benefits of Hypnotherapy 

We used the example of quitting smoking above, but the applications of Hypnotherapy are very wide and cover emotional, mental and physical conditions. The following are just some of the issues that can be supported and helped by Hypnotherapy:

  • Anxiety
  • Weight loss
  • Addictions to drugs and alcohol
  • Addictive behaviors and self-sabotage
  • Physical pain management
  •  Issues of self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-worth
  • Nervousness when speaking in public
  • Fears and phobias of all kinds.





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