Virtual/Online Hypnosis

Virtual / Online Hypntherapy Session

Virtual/Online Hypnosis, also known as remote hypnosis, is a complete secure on-line hypnosis session via your computer and a virtual connection in which you are safely guided into a hypnotic state by a certified hypnotist in the privacy of your own home.   

With today's technology, it is easy and convenient to be hypnotized online through live online video.  Virtual hypnosis sessions are just as effective as in-office hypnosis sessions with the benefits of lower cost, easier scheduling, no geographic boundaries, convenience of not having to travel, and a deeper hypnotic trance because you feel safe, comfortable and relaxed in your own surroundings. 

Things to keep in mind and conclude prior to your virtual/online hypnosis session: 

Virtual sessions are conducted via Zoom (audio and video).  It is HIGHLY recommended to join Zoom via a laptop / desktop / tablet with a hands-free device.  Please ensure you have a solid stable Wi-Fi or data connection prior to your appointment to help avoid technology glitches and ensure a productive virtual hypnosis session. 

Technology / Equipment Preparations:

1.     Mobile phone/laptop/smart watches/devices: Please turn off or have your ringer and alerts set to silent mode (not vibrate mode).

2.     Zoom:  Please ensure you can connect to Zoom prior to your session. For first time Zoom users, the meeting invite link should automatically download the browser plugins to your electronic device.

3.     Laptop / desktop / tablet:  The use of a laptop / desktop / tablet with video camera (webcam) will be needed for the session.  If you plan to use a tablet, please ensure it has a stand/ability to prop up the device so it’s hands-free. Mute (not vibe mode) the volume on the laptop / desktop / tablet during the session.

4.     Hands-free device:  A headset / earbuds are preferred and highly recommended to use during the session.  

5.     Technology Adjustments: Once our session begins, we will work through setting up how the laptop / desktop / tablet should be positioned.  We will work together to ensure that the technology will not get in the way of a productive session.  Setup typically takes a few minutes at the beginning of our session and then again right before the hypnosis portion begins. Sessions are typically 60 minutes.

Home Preparations:

6.     Privacy and quiet: Notify household members that you will be in a session and request the need for privacy and quiet.  Pets, children and other adults should not be present during a session.

7.     Location: Find a comfortable, quiet, relaxing place in your home: either a couch, recliner or bed along with pillows and blankets work best.

Forms / Payment / Other Preparations: 

8.     Forms: Go to the Forms page and complete the online Client Intake Form, Client Bill of Rights Form and if needed the Client Medical Referral Form PRIOR to your first session.

9.     Payment:  Payment is due at time of scheduling the hypnosis session(s).  Payment for your session(s) can be securely concluded online via debit and credit cards, PayPal and PayPal Credit. Please Note: We do have a firm 24-hour cancellation policy.  If for any reason you need to change or cancel your appointment, a 24-hour notice is required otherwise there is a full session fee charge.

10.  Language: Ability to understand and speak English.

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