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What is self-hypnosis?

Self-hypnosis refers to the situation in which the client is giving positive subconscious suggestions to themselves. To access their full potential of self-hypnosis, the client needs to learn how to induce a relaxed, responsive, believing and open state of consciousness.  During the hypnotic process the client offers themselves specific healing suggestions intended to actuate their mind and body to work in a more positive manner.

Suggestions are the key of the hypnotic process. These suggestions might be extremely basic: "As you let out each full breath, let yourself sink profoundly into the surface underneath you." Or they might be very involved: "Go back to that memory in the third grade and remember it, this time handling the situation confidently, with a feeling of self-assurance." The suggestions given depend upon each exclusive situation.

Hypnotherapist are specifically trained at defining recommendations that offer the mind ground-breaking, convincing, positive pictures of the future, and successful ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving in specific circumstances. The power of self-hypnosis can enable a client to achieve significant change, healing and positive development in themselves.

What is 7th Path Self-Hypnosis®?

It is a self-hypnosis system that enables a client to initially remove old programming, i.e. habits and beliefs, that are hindering their success.  It is a comprehensive, Mind-Body-Spirit way to deal with self-hypnosis for personal development.

Have you heard the saying "you must empty the cup first before you can fill it up with something new."? One of the issues with other self-hypnosis programs is that the hypnosis recommendations that you give yourself will conflict with years of old programming (i.e. habits and beliefs). The old programming does not have any desire to change, and the new recommendations are rejected over and over again, through numerous reiterations, until the new proposals are at long last acknowledged (or possibly not at that point).

Eliminating the old programming first makes it easier to accept the new hypnotic suggestions effectively. Furthermore, at times, when you expel the old habits and beliefs you begin to feel better. Accordingly, you simply will in general begin caring more for yourself, and the old negative behavior patterns begin to fade away (i.e., smoking, alcohol & drug abuse, procrastinating, overeating, and so on).

Utilizing the old fashioned self-hypnosis programs is like planting a new tree next to a fig tree (aka strangler fig). The new tree would not get the opportunity to grow because the fig tree would overtake and strangle the new tree. It makes sense that you would need to remove the fig tree in order to have the new planted tree (new positive beliefs, habits, emotions, etc.) grow and thrive.

You can learn The 7th Path Self-Hypnosis® System through individual private one-on-one virtual/online session with Life-Changing Hypnosis. It is the perfect self-hypnosis program for stress management, inspiration, confidence, bad behavior patterns, overcoming fears, relationship issues and that's only the tip of the iceberg.

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