Menopause Relief

Menopause Relief

Menopause is a natural occurring change that all women experience. It is caused by the reduction of the hormone estrogen in which symptoms of menopause are both emotional and physical.  The physical manifestations, for example, weight gain, night sweats, hot flashes and emotional symptoms of menopause may disturb sleep, lower energy or affect your overall health.  Hypnosis can offer a very safe and effective alternative compared to other treatments such as hormone therapy.

To relieve menopause symptoms, relaxing positive suggestions are applied, during the hypnosis session, directly to the subconscious mind to help control weight gain and reduce stress and anxiety while subconscious imagery is used to relieve hot flashes, night sweats and sleep disruptions.  For example, in the instance of hot flashes and night sweats the client might be asked to imagine stepping into a cool sea while feeling the cool breeze blowing on her face or envisioning a refreshing ice cold beverage on a hot day and savoring the cold feeling of the ice cube floating within her mouth. By envisioning being cool, again and again, the brain can recapture command over the body's indoor regulator and help turn it down.   

The one-on-one hypnosis session can then be anchored to self-hypnosis, which is taught by the hypnotherapist, to practice directly at home if the client so chooses.  Practicing self-hypnosis allows for a greater impact the more times it is done with the benefit of not having to continue private one-on-one sessions with the hypnotherapist.  Most of our clients get results in about 5 sessions, some less and some more.  Each client receives an exclusive customized individual sessions plan because every client is unique (i.e. personality, history, problem). We do not try to fit our clients into a one-size-fits-all approach.

Experiencing menopause can feel as if you are in some sort of horrendous negative cycle. The fall in estrogen causes the hot flushes, stress and uneasiness. These then exasperates rest, which at that point results in considerably more tension and emotional episodes and the cycle goes on.  Fortunately, hypnosis can help women break this cycle and regain control over their body, by reducing hot flashes and night sweats, dealing with insomnia, relaxing and reducing stress and anxiety and managing weight gain.  

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