How Hypnotherapy Can Help With COVID Stress & Anxiety

The pandemic we have experienced, and are still experiencing, has affected some of us more than others. Some people are still struggling to recover from “long covid” and are, understandably, very anxious about the future. When we have a health condition of any kind, we want to know two things: How long will it last? And What can I do about it? If we have answers to these questions, we find it much easier to manage the situation and to cope with our symptoms. The problems we have with Covid is that it is new to the human race, and we have no certainty about how it will progress, what the long-term effects may be, or indeed whether everybody who has been infected will make a full recovery.

These problems constitute a perfect recipe for stress! One of the major stressors for any human is the feeling of helplessness or lack of control over our lives and situations. This feeling can lead to anxiety and despair as we do not know what to expect next. We can drive ourselves crazy with “what if?” worst scenario questions, which then has a further detrimental effect on our physical health.

How Can Hypnotherapy Help? 

Using the techniques of hypnosis and hypnotherapy, it is possible to change the way we think. Worry and fear can be replaced with positive messages of hope and of having control over our situation, whatever that may be.

Anxiety has a way of taking over our entire thought processes and swamping our emotional bodies with false suggestions of catastrophe or failure. When our brains are dealing with anxious, fearful thoughts, they cannot process rational, more helpful ways of looking at the situation we are in.

The first thing that can be ameliorated with Hypnotherapy is this exhausting mental state of hyper-vigilance and living with dread and fear. Once you have come back to amore relaxed state, both mentally and physically, you are in a much stronger position to tackle the problem. In the case of Covid, this problem is both mental and physical. Hypnotherapy can re-wire your anxious brain with new neural pathways that invite you to take as much control as you can over your own health.

For example, if you need to change your lifestyle to help you rebuild your immune system, Hypnotherapy can program your subconscious mind so that you automatically choose the healthier foods on the menu and find taking gentle exercise a pleasure rather than a chore.

The Power of Positivity 

Hypnotherapy helps you to gain, and maintain, a much more positive frame of mind, which is especially helpful during times of prolonged ill-health or other crises. Through the suggestions made to your subconscious during your trance session, your hypnotherapist can help you to understand how your present thinking is detrimental, and how, by replacing your old thoughts with new ones, you can change your entire perspective on your present condition. Replacing negative thoughts with positive ones has a beneficial effect on the cells of your body. You begin to produce chemicals and hormones that reduce your stress and boost your immunity simply through the power of your own mind.





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